Our passion for organic skincare all starts at the root of mother nature. We love all things natural and believe they are the best thing to help improve our health and skin. One of our most favourite ingredient is Manuka Honey. We combine this along with a number of Real and Raw ingredients to create the finest skincare to suit you. 

Why Manuka Honey?

Manuka Honey is the world's most unique honey! It is produced in New Zealand and is high in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have also proven to show that it has a rapid healing effect. All these rich and divine properties make it perfect to use on our skin. Not only will it leave you with brighter, soft and smooth skin, it has proven to tackle Acne, Scars, Eczema, Blemishes, Pigmentation, Stretch Marks and Cellulite.

A few of our favourite ingredients...

Coconut Oil

Cold pressed Coconut Oil is also naturally full of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is an excellent moisturiser, it can penetrate better than other oils, and, well, smells delicious enough to eat!

Raw Cane Sugar

We use the most organic sugar cane crystals for smooth and gentle exfoliation. A 100% natural exfoliant which is a rich source with essential nutrients. It allows both deep and gentle exfoliation removing impurities and dead skin cells. Sugar is a natural moisturiser and high in minerals allowing to help strengthen the skin. Scrub all the impurities away!


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